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The lobbies of all the hotels are known as the "Living Room" to embrace a personable and socially encouraging atmosphere. W Hotels attempt to include the letter W wherever possible - the swimming pool is known as "Wet," the concierge and Service Express use the slogan "Whatever/Whenever," valet is referred to as "Wheels," and the front desk is called "Welcome. " Other cheeky branding queues that play up W Hotels cheeky and playful but still luxurious vibe can be found in their "P. A. W. S. " or "Pets are Welcome" policy. Careful care is put into incorporating Ws into as many elements as possible, making for a tasteful, modern, and omnipresent reminder of staying somewhere different. W Hotels are often accompanied by their well regarded "Bliss" spas. W Hotels exclusively use Bliss products for all bathroom amenities.