Pictures of Syrian Civil War Protests -

a Since early 2013, the FSA has been decentralized with its name being arbitrarily used by various rebels. b Turkey provided arms support to rebels since 2011 & since Aug. 2016 fought alongside the TFSA in the Aleppo governorate vs. the SDF, ISIL & Syrian gov. c Sep. –Nov. 2016: U. S. fought with the TFSA in Aleppo governorate solely against ISIL. [108][109] In 2017–18, the U. S. purposely attacked the Syrian gov. 10 times, while in Sep. 2016 it accidentally hit a Syrian base, killing ≥100 SAA soldiers. Syria maintains this was intentional. [110]d Predecessors of HTS (al-Nusra Front) & ISIL (ISI) were allied al-Qaeda branches until April 2013. Al-Nusra Front rejected an ISI-proposed merger into ISIL & al-Qaeda cut all affiliation with ISIL in Feb. 2014. e Ahrir al-Sham's predecessor, Syrian Liberation Front, and Tahrir al-Sham's predecessor, al-Nusra Front, were allied under the Army of Conquest from March 2015 to January 2017. f Number includes Kurdish & ISIL fighters, whose deaths are also listed in their separate columns. [111][90]