Pictures of Renee Zellweger 2017 -

In Zellweger's junior year, her father lost his job and was unable to support her at college, so she took a job as a cocktail waitress in Austin, Texas. Zellweger said of the job, "I learned a lot. As much as I did in my classes that that club paid for. . . I learned not to judge people, [and] that things are not black and white. " Zellweger began getting small parts acting, and earned her Screen Actors Guild card for doing a Coors Light commercial. Also while in college, she did "a bit part . . . as a local hire" in the Austin-filmed horror-comedy film My Boyfriend's Back, playing "the girl in the beauty shop, maybe two lines. But the beauty shop [scene] got cut. " Her first job after graduation was working in a beef commercial, while simultaneously auditioning for roles around Houston, Texas.