Pictures of English Shepherd Mix -

Originating in northern England and Scotland, these dogs came with the first settlers to reach the American colonies. American farmers appreciated this versatile breed and used dogs to protect their farms and livestock. The English Shepherd and various other collies were also referred to as Scotch Collies during the 18th and 19th centuries but the term "Scotch Collie" fell out of favor during the 20th century. Quoting from Leon F. Whitney early in the 20th century ("How to Breed Dogs", 1937, no ISBN) "It is known variously as the farm shepherd, the barnyard collie, the old fashioned shepherd, the cow dog, the English Shepherd, and other colloquial names. And while I doubt there is a more alert, trustworthy, or American dog, still no breed specialty clubs have organized to push it. It is the ordinary shepherd that one sees on farm after farm throughout the country. " (Despite the publication date of 1937 given here English Shepherds were registered as a breed before that time through UKC (1927 ) and probably the defunct Southeastern Kennel Club before then. )