Pictures of Huayna Capac -

Huayna Capac, Guayna Cápac, Guayna Capac, Huain Capac , Guain Capac, Guayana Capac (in Hispanicized spellings), Wayna Kapa, Wayn Capac , Wayana Qhapaq, Wayna Kapak , Wayna Capac, or Wayna Qhapaq (Quechua wayna boy, young, young man, qhapaq "the mighty one", "the young mighty one", "Powerful Young One" or "Powerful Youth" ) (1464/1468–1524) was the third Sapan Inka of the Inca Empire, born in Tumipampa sixth of the Hanan dynasty, and eleventh of the Inca civilization. As other Sapa Inkas, Wayna Qhapaq subjects commonly approached him adding epithets and titles when addressing him, commonly as Wayna Qhapaq Inka Sapa'lla Tukuy Llaqt'a Uya "Unique Sovereign Wayna Qhapaq Listener of All Peoples" , His original name was Titu Kusi Wallpa. He was the successor to Tupaq Inka Yupanki. :108