Pictures of Huayna Capac -

In Ecuador, formerly known as the Kingdom of Quito, Huayna Capac absorbed the Quito Confederation into the Inca Empire after marrying the Quito Queen Paccha Duchicela Shyris XVI in order to halt a long protracted war. From this marriage Atahualpa was born (1502 AD) in Caranqui, Ecuador. Atahualpa was to inherit the Kingdom of Quito, by the will of his father Huayna Capac, and later Inca Emperor after defeating his brother, the Inca Emperor Huascar in the Inca Civil War, where the Inca Huascar attempted to conquer the Kingdom of Quito after 7 years of peace. Huayna Capac spent most of his time in Ecuador which he became fond of and as a result founded cities like Atuntaqui. The capital city of the Tawantinsuyu was in Cuzco and rebuilt Quito making it the second capital of the Inca Empire. Huayna Capac built astronomical observatories in Ecuador such as Ingapirca. Moreover, Huayna Capac hoped to establish a northern stronghold in the city of Tumebamba, Ecuador where the Cañari people lived.