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"Fashion" began as "Jamaica". Unable to think of anything to write, Bowie discarded the song until late in the recording cycle, when it was transformed into the song that appears on the album. Other tracks also began with different names: "Ashes to Ashes" as "People Are Turning to Gold", "Teenage Wildlife" as "It Happens Everyday" and "Scream Like a Baby" as "Laser" (the lyric "Scream like a baby" was sung as "I am a laser"). "Laser" was originally written in 1973, recorded by Ava Cherry and the Astronettes (made up of Bowie collaborators Ava Cherry and Geoff MacCormack), and demoed by Bowie during the sessions for "Young Americans" in 1975. "Is There Life After Marriage?" was fully written and recorded for the album, but, for unknown reasons, never released. "I Feel Free" (by Cream) was recorded "in rough mix", but did not appear on a Bowie album until a rerecording for 1993's Black Tie White Noise.