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Following the murder of Shabir Ibrahim, Surve's fellow accomplices were falling off one by one. Noticing this, Surve laid low, out of D-Company's radar. Dawood Ibrahim never located Surve, leaving him as the only perpetrator not dealt with. Meanwhile, local law enforcement were prepping operations to circumvent the persistent mob violence with an onslaught of targeted dispatches. Inspectors Isaque Bagwan and Raja Tambhat were put in charge with Senior Inspector Y. D. Bhide in taking down Surve. Manya Surve's death in 1982 during an encounter with the Maharashtra police became known as the city's first recorded encounter killing. However, the spate of encounter killings only increased in the late 1980s and further rose after the 1993 Mumbai bombings; a total of 622 alleged criminals were killed in police encounters from 1982 to 2004.