Pictures of Jazz Dance Wallpaper -

Jacqui Malone distinguishes between dances such as the Lindy hop in the 1930s and Bob Fosse's choreography in a Broadway musical such as Chicago in the 1970s, though the term "jazz dance" has been applied to both. She uses terms such as "vernacular dance" and "classic jazz dance" to refer to the former. Referring to the latter, she follows Marshall and Jean Sterns in using the term "modern jazz dance". The Stearns drew attention to Shuffle Along, an all-black Broadway revue with Josephine Baker that started in 1921 and toured American cities for two years. Buddy Bradley choreographed black musicals in 1920s and 1930s and with Jack Cole, who choreographed the movies Kismet (1944), Gilda (1946), and Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953). Cole influenced what Krin Gabbard calls the "pelvis-dominated choreography" of Bob Fosse. Gwen Verdon was a student of Cole, and she danced in the musical Chicago in 1975. Twenty years later Chicago was revived on Broadway, and Ann Reinking repeated some of the Fosse style. This style of jazz dance has also been linked with Gower Champion, Michael Kidd, and Jerome Robbins. The emphasis on sexuality in this kind of dancing led Martha Graham to say it belongs to the "House of Pelvic Truth".