Pictures of Additional Mathematics -

Starting from 2012, Edexcel and AQA have started a new course, now that Additional Maths has been abolished, which is an IGCSE in Further Maths. Edexcel and AQA both offer completely different courses, Edexcel including the calculation of solids formed through integration, AQA not touching on integration. AQA's syllabus mainly offers further algebra, with the factor theorem and more complex algebra such as algebraic fractions as well as differentiation up to and including the calculation of normals to a curve. AQA's syllabus also includes a lot of matrices work, which is an AS Further Mathematics topic. AQA's syllabus is much more famous than Edexcel's, mainly for its controversial decision to award an A* with Distinction(A^), a grade higher than the maximum possible grade in any Level 2 qualification; it is known colloquially as a Super A* or A**.