Pictures of Little Miss Scatterbrain -

In the 2008 TV series, The Mr. Men Show, Little Miss Helpful had a makeover. She kept her personality, color and oval body; however, the pigtails replaced her mini-buns, she had green bows on her newly strawberry blonde hair and wore a green fanny pack. Her shoes were changed (similar to Miss Chatterbox's, but green), and her nose changed from yellow to pink. Her catchphrase was, "Just trying to be helpful!" Unlike her print character she actually gives helpful information, but it is sometimes misleading or told at the wrong time. She also causes pain to other clumsy Mr. Men and Little Misses such as Little Miss Calamity, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Whoops, and even Mr. Quiet. Little Miss Helpful speaks with a Texan accent in the US Dub and a Neutral English accent in the UK Dub. In the US and UK versions, she is voiced by Katie Leigh, Jo Wyatt (season one) and Emma Tate (season two).