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Terri Fletcher is a teenager with a passion for singing and dreams of becoming a professional singer. She wants to participate in a music program that could give her a $10,000 scholarship. Her overprotective father Simon, a second-generation restaurateur, disapproves of Terri's plans, stating that being a singer may not be a worthwhile life choice. Simon believes that Terri will get hurt if she goes to Los Angeles and would prefer if she continues running the family business. Terri is very close to her elder brother Paul, who fully supports her dream, despite what their father says. At Paul's graduation day barbecue, he has a fight with Simon, who grounds his son for being disrespectful. Terri sneaks Paul out of the house to attend a Three Days Grace concert. On the way back, they have a car accident. Terri awakens in the hospital, where she learns that Paul was killed. Terri blames herself for Paul's death.