Pictures of Friday After Next Quotes -

A couple of baseheads try to rob Money Mike's store, but Craig and Day-Day catch them both. Mike offers them a cash reward, but Craig refuses it and instead invites him to his Christmas party. Willie and Elroy are having trouble with some of the children. When one of them kicks Elroy, he retaliates by taking out a belt and starts a series of beatings on the kids. Then, shortly after Moly gives Craig and Day-Day a lunch break, a gang of thugs, supposedly the grandsons of some carolers that were chased off by Day-Day for loitering in front of the corner store, chase after Craig and Day-Day. After failing to catch them, they proceed to beat up Moly for supposedly hiding them, resulting in the two throwing away their uniforms after witnessing what happened to Moly, and ultimately getting unjustly fired from their jobs (due to Moly accusing them of lazing around and allowing him to be beaten, even though he'd just given them a lunch break). As revenge, Willie rats Moly out to the Department of Health.