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The term "ching chong" is based on how Chinese supposedly sounds to English speakers who do not speak it. The "ch" reflects the relative abundance of voiceless coronal affricates in Chinese (six in Mandarin Chinese: [ts], [tʂ], [tɕ], [tsʰ], [tʂʰ], [tɕʰ], respectively in Pinyin ⟨z⟩, ⟨zh⟩, ⟨j⟩, ⟨c⟩, ⟨ch⟩, and ⟨q⟩), whereas English only has two: /tʃ/ (written ⟨ch⟩) and /ts/ (⟨ts⟩ or ⟨z⟩), of which only /tʃ/ regularly occurs initially. The "ng" reflects the greater commonness of nasals in syllable codas in many varieties of Chinese; for example, Mandarin only allows [n] or [ŋ] (written ⟨ng⟩ in both English and in romanization of Chinese) in syllable codas. One syllable with this shape is 中 zhōng, the first syllable of 中国 Zhōngguó meaning "China".