Pictures of Max Goofy Movie -

Goofy (father)His Grandpa (Goofy's father)His Grandma (Goofy's mother)His Granmammy (Goofy's grandma)His great-grandfather (Goofy's granddad)Debbie (cousin)Sir Goofy of Knock-Knees A. K. A. Goofin' Hood (tenth great-granddad)Eliot Goof (great-uncle)Gooferamus T. Goofy (third great-grandfather)Dr. Frankengoof (third great-uncle) Goofy's Aunt Mildred (great-aunt)Gooferamus G. Goof (third great-grandpappy)Aunt Goophelia (great-aunt)Great-Uncle Pattonleather Goof (great-great-uncle)Cousin Wernher von Goof (first cousin once removed) Uncle M. Angelo Goof (great-uncle)Sherlock Goof (third great-uncle)Mopalong Goofy (third great-grandpa)Caveman Goof (ancestor)Aladdingo (ancestor)Princess Samia (ancestor, Aladdingo's wife)Sherlock Dingo (ancestor) Dingochotte de La Mancha (ancestor)Walter P. Goofey (unknown relative)Benjamin Goofey (unknown relative)