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Imbruglia performed live on MTV for the debut of her "Torn" video on 6 March 1998, followed the next night by an appearance on the television comedy show Saturday Night Live. On 10 March 1998, Left of the Middle entered store shelves in the United States and entered the Billboard chart at No. 10, selling more than 84,000 copies. The album went certified platinum just five weeks after its release date, making it the fastest album to break that mark in RCA history. By 18 March 1998, Imbruglia’s first album became the largest debut for a new, alternative pop–rock female artist in history, selling more in its first week than records by Alanis Morissette, Meredith Brooks, and Fiona Apple combined. The album sold over 7 million copies worldwide by 2002, making it the best-selling debut album ever by a female Australian singer. The single "Identify", which Imbruglia recorded for the soundtrack of the 1999 film Stigmata, only appears on the Taiwanese edition of the album.