Pictures of Wrong Turn 6 -

Vic, Rod, and Charlie harass Bryan and Jillian, who were having sex in the pool. The next day, Danny has a proposition at the breakfast table. He wants to fully restore Hobb Springs. All of his friends reluctantly give in but Jillian and Bryan head back to their room where Bryan discovers that Jillian has been stealing the Staffordshire Collections. Bryan discovers a hidden door leading to a basement which is home to a gigantic, ancient spa. They have passionate steamy sex while Sally watches and masturbates, and the brothers attack them. Jillian is killed, but Sally stops them from killing Bryan. Sally attempts to have forced sex with Bryan, but Jackson interrupts them as she needs to remain pure for Danny. When he leaves, Sally asphyxiates Bryan by placing a pillow on his face and sitting on it while she masturbates. Jackson and Sally then introduce Danny to his long-lost family of cannibalistic inbreds. They drug him and explain that they must keep the family blood pure through an incestuous mating of Danny and Sally. As Vic hides in the bushes, he listens to the conversation. Saw Tooth captures him and Three Finger cuts his throat and tears his innards out and all the cannibals feast on it. After drinking Vic's blood, Danny has sex with Sally while all families are watching.