Pictures of Atomic Skull Vs Ghost Rider -

Albert Michaels was a brilliant, but genuinely unfriendly scientist-administrator at S. T. A. R. Labs with a rare nervous system disorder that short-circuited the electrical impulses in his brain, creating painful and uncontrollable seizures. When he could not find a cure, he secretly contacted the criminal organization SKULL, and they implanted him with a radium-powered device designed to harness his neural disorder into deadly atomic "brain-blasts" in exchange for him becoming their agent. However, these mental blasts were difficult to control and only made his condition worse, a situation that he blamed on Superman after the Man of Steel captured the only SKULL scientists who could have cured him. Swearing revenge, the evil genius donned his distinctive yellow and green costume with its visored, cowl-topped skull mask, called himself the Atomic Skull, and eventually became the organization's leader, flying around in a sleek skull-shaped hovercraft of his own design and assisted by his similarly costumed lover Felicia, who was a panther that he had artificially evolved into human form.