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Liberty city swingers

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Liberty city swingers

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Talk 0 Doubtful Claims I have several concerns with this article.

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Read the if you doubt me, but it is very odd that one team would play two sports. According to Weazel News, the city agreed to build a new stadium for the Liberty City Swingers, which is a reference to the New Yankee Stadium that broke ground in and was completed in First of all, I doubt that the small baseball field i Lierty Park is supposed to be their ciyy for more on that, see the Liberty City Swingers Stadium discussion.

The biggest star on the Swingers is troubled star power pitcher Ernesto Asaltacunas. A real-life Liberty City Swingers baseball cap. I libery have thought they would specialise in one sport.

Their stadium is supposedly located in the Meadows Park area in the borough of Dukesthough no stadium can be found, only two small baseball fields which are likely not used by an apparently major team like the Swingers. Second: the Swingers seem to swingdrs an amalgam of the NY Mets and NY Yankees, but their jackets, logo, pinstripes and their particular popularity in South Bohan do more closely resemble the Yankees than the Mets.

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The nickname has a double meaning, as it refers to swapping sexual partners, as well as the necessary swinging motion liberyt the baseball bat within the sport. A real-life Liberty City Swingers baseball shirt.

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External link. Talk 0 Doubtful Claims I have several concerns with this article. Contrary to an earlier post in this talk the Los Santos Saints aren't only a basketball team, they are also a baseball team.

The Swingers liberyt a hugely popular team, and their merchandise can be purchased on the internet, as well as seen on various pedestrians and criminals. Stream the best stories.

I agree with the first poster here about the fact that the small baseball field in Meadows Park clearly isn't the team's home field, it is far too small and is much more likely simply a recreational field or little league field. Trivia GTA Wiki once ran an editing competition in which Liberty City Swingers baseball caps and baseball shirts were given away as prizes. Alright, I doubt that anyone is still watching this but I will get my piece in anyway.

Mostly judging by the colors and logo, which features a martini glass instead of a baseball bat, their stadium being in the Mets' location, their nickname resembling the original Brooklyn Dodgers in style and name, and having a mascot that somewhat resembles the Mets' mascot.