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Look at the pleasure omn my wife face as i watch her get fucked

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Look at the pleasure omn my wife face as i watch her get fucked

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The thing about cuckolding is that you witness how every different lover brings out something different and new in your partner. You hear her scream louder afce she usually does. You see her move her body in new ways. And you witness her coming stronger, longer and more deeply. But I had never seen my wife with more than one person. What I really wanted to watch was Christina with a couple.

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And she kissed me deep on the lips.

It tasted bitter and good. Was she fucking me in the ass through him?

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Or the idea of her. They looked possessed in the low light of the dimmed hotel fixtures. And I was sitting next to Christina. Agricultural, I thought again.

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You going to show me what you are? And I come off in the stories as a kind of crazed whore. Christina purred with delight.

They looked over at me, both of them. He was sitting across from her next to Melissa.

I sat next to Thomas. But before I get on with that, a little house cleaning.

She is a hard working business professional. So I messed with her.

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Melissa was dirty blonde with big natural breasts. It really is, I have to stress, quite mystical. She licked it off my butt. Let's walk along They lay Christina back on the sheets then, and got on either side of her.

My wife was loving every minute of it. They looked otherworldly.

His head was gigantic. And she is by no means a whore. They were covering her with kisses, these acolytes. Christina was facing me directly.

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Like some kind of secret, bizarre fertility ritual that had been emblazoned on the collective unconscious of mankind and somehow emerged once again through our depravity. My brain is wired differently, I guess. It might as well be taking place in a primitive cave.

Of het, I never revealed to them that Christina was a channel for the Goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. Thomas lay down on the bed.

His wife was quickly on the cum. She wanted to fuck this guy, fast.

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She looked like an Aztec slut that just emerged from a pyramid after getting fucked by the chief but somehow she happened to be white. Melissa lay back and Christina started rubbing on her clit. Melissa came and kissed me. Then my wife handed another strap on from the bag to Melissa, the brown strap on.

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She laughed. I lay there exhausted. But Thomas somehow managed his third erection and fucked his wife silly on the bed, as I ate my wife.

Kayden Kross gets porno-rifically nude and sexy. Melissa went down to her pussy, and spit the come inside her pussy. She fucked me from behind, as my Aphrodite wife kissed my cheeks lovingly and stroked my hair and finally wie cock. I shot a huge ten spurt ejaculation all over the two women.