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Sexy boys sucking men stories

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Sexy boys sucking men stories

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Total 0 votes Loading I lay there while he took my cock in his mouth. I had to admit that he sucked cock almost as good as my wife. He had shaved first so there was none of the scratchy whiskers to tell me suckong it was a man sucking my cock. We were both in Racine, Wisconsin for a week long seminar. We had been ased a room together.

Name: Lissi
Age: 49
City: Montague Township, Delano, Sergeant Bluff
Hair: Dyed brown
Relation Type: Just Looking For A Friend And Fun
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He did the same with Mary now.

I had shown him a nude picture of her and he looked at it while we sucked each other. Peter esxy if he could have some cock too. So I told him to hold on for 2 seconds.

Had she been a fly on the wall? There were thick veins budging out through the pinkish skin.

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I was so excited and scared at the same time. Alas there was no women worth screwing in the town. She could imagine how long these virile young men could pleasure her. I could tell he liked it and it was obvious, I was pretty much willing to storise anything for him. But I was so into him I stayed hard. I let him in and shut the door.

I noticed Shawn being more aggressive suking more to the point or maybe I was getting better because after about 3-minutes he pulled my hair and tensed up. He told me to just suck the head really hard and fast. I closed the door, lights off, and the only thing visible was being lit by moonlight. I felt very vulnerable, but enjoyed it at the same time. On the flight back home Erotic personals chino Swinging talked about what we had done and that it was a one time thing, well actually a one dozen time thing.

To my surprise I was fully hard and pre-cumming like crazy without him even swxy me. A few weeks later Shawn caught me and Paige making out. Mary would love to suck this cock and he would really love to suck it with her.

He was grinning, pumping his hips in time to my thrusts. He rammed my face and I felt the balls slap under my chin, fully knowing dexy is what a slut feels like.

I truthfully told her that I would never cheat on her with another woman. I shot what ever cum I had left in my balls, into her mouth. I said oh yeah, thanks and I hop in. Whether or not I got to suck his cock with her was another matter. I said really? The cute ones must have taken blys for other places for the winter.

My wife and I have a very good sexual life and have been open with each other about what and who we have ever had any sexual experience with. When I came I felt my cum shoot up into her.

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I was still a little high from all the beer Jim and I had drunk so I really got into sucking him. He was probably one all along but it took Jim to bring it out. It was big for bosy mouth but not too big to make the job hard pun intended. I went to the base and back to Duren amateur pussy tip and just sucked it for a minute.

Mary and peter’s cock sucking adventures

She was happy of course but chided me about cheating on her and trying to make it up by fucking her so long and good. I was not thinking I was just reacting to how turned on I was. Eventually Shawn got a new girlfriend and after a year we all got drunk together and he wanted a three some. I did not storie to stop sucking it and I wanted to Porlezza muscle girl just how much I could take in my mouth.

I had to ask. It was magnificent, I was so fucking suvking on I reached over to feel his cock.

Having my first male experience at 16, my first cock, it was big

That did it. He asked if I was alright very courteous by the way. Jim had the easiest job as my cock was smaller than his. Try as I might, I could not get the last 2 inches in, so I worked feverishly on his 8 inches, sucking and slobbering all over it. I was jerking my cock while she fingered her pussy. Once I got it out Boy started stroking him for about a minute until something took over me and I indulged myself literally, jamming his big cock into my mouth.

With nothing to do, I started to drink and before I knew it I was dead drunk.

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He asked me how I felt and what I thought about having sex with another man? Me, I just had a terrific shcking on. I told him to shut up and went back to working that dick. I started to gag and push back but he pulled me closer.

I never knew he was gay. Jim had really turned him into a true bisexual. It felt alright so I gave him my address and hopped in the shower to wash myself and to trim the downstairs. I literally jerked off afterwards. Him and his friends had been talking about how storues they wanted to fuck her.

My first time sucking dick (true story)

I loved it. That told me he was more bi than gay. I just nodded my head and he kissed me for a long time.