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Sniffing pantie stories

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Sniffing pantie stories

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I dont know what it zniffing, but when I am close to her or in her house, i get permanently horny. Sarah is three years younger than me.

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First time sniffing panties

It was amazing. I arrived early at the house, no one was home, so I let myself in. She just looked at me, and then asked me what I had done to them. Storiss made sure to get mine nice and creamy, and very well scented just like I do for my customers.

I could soon feel that familiar rush and I told her I was about to cum, she lept sucking and then I staretd to cum, filling her mouth with my hot cum. I kept looking at the shape of her breats, obviuosly in a bra under her tee, and her long legs.

Monents later I was on the verge of shooting my load panttie I heard the shower being turned off so I scooted back to the spare room and left the door ajar so I could see Julie as she passed the doorway as I tugged on my cock. My cock shot back to attention as she just sucked my cock for 10 long minutes till she grabbed my hand and led me in to my room and said 'now fuck me in your bed like you fuck my sister'.

That i would be in the hosue alone and could enjoy my cousins panties and bedroom. They smelled so nice that within 2 minutes I had 3 fingers inside my pussy and her panties pressed firmly to my nose.

She swallowed every drop. I don't know how long I sniffed those black ones, but all of a sudden I felt my dick spasm and I had the biggest orgasm of my life! As I layed on my bed thinking of Nina, jerking my dick, I had a wicked thought of jerking off in her bed where she slept last night and was going to sleep that night! wniffing

I opened up some pictures that she had sent me of herself in, and out of the panties, and I pulled out my favorite vibrator. At that moment, I knew I'd always love the smell of dirty ass sweat! I cleaned up a second time and decided to keep the white ones to sniff later.

Their father had put his foot down. With that I pushed her on the bed pulled her panties down ,wrapped them round my nostrils then guided my cock in to her hot juicy wet pussy. Well her sister and I ended up on our own as my girl,her mum and dad left pantis go latenight shopping so were gone for at least 2 hours.

She said,get up here please I was 5 seconds from having a massive orgasm when the fucking door opened and storkes was Courtney standing their in a pair of white lacy thongs staring straight at my now cum blowing cock! Ive watched you a couple of times before!

I was busted and maybe this might lead somewhere else. So I wentt back down stairs and sat in the lounge.

Sniff confession stories and sins

Sniffihg looked over at me, and a big smile played across his face as he saw the panties pulled over my head and the crotch silky gusset pressed to my nose. Mind I was getting horny again, knowing she knew and she had watched me! It hit me like a ton of bricks! With that we naturally went straight to our room and ssniffing like never before. Although it was lighter then the one, it still shot high in the air, hitting me in the face!

I had those panties for years after that night, and sniffed them to many orgasms. She had tight everything, and was the star in many of my jerk off fantasies! I am a Pantie sniffing,loving addict and will never stop my love for it. Her panties.

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On many occasions I would go take a shower after her mum or sister. After a while she said she was going for a shower and would come down stairs and we could plan things to do over the weekend. I used to have to sepnd school holidays at my Aunts.

My Sisters First pt1 Their father would be out-of-town for a week and he'd get re-acquainted with his little sister. His cock immediately began to rise, and it was pointing straight to the ceiling before he got to me.

Dirty panties stories

Subscribe Best of all, her panties would be in there as well!! My man was just getting out of the shower, and I looked up with lust filled eyes as his naked, wet, dripping body stepped into view. I tried to take a breath in, and had a moment of panic as he grabbed 2 fistfulls of my hair and drove his cock even deeper.

As soon as she left I went straight for the shower and saw her red thong panties laying in the middle of the bathroom tsories where she took them off. This is a print version of story Caught New baden TX milf personals Inlaws'Panties. He felt thicker, harder and longer than he ever had been as I felt another orgasm begining to flash through my entire body.

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SHe slowly slid down the bed until she was lying between my thighs, still stoking my cock whoch was now dripping pre cum, "hmmmm it smells good" and then she opened her mouth and using her tongue started to lick the shaft of my cock, up to my knob and then swirled her tongue across my hard wet knob. They looked "worn". The white ones were the dirtiest, they had strong yellow stains in the crotch and long brown streaks in the behind. Local pussy in Bear Delaware mt of course it was, but it would make some storues my activities a little harder!!

Thinking about what had happened.

I knew I wouldnt last long, and could feel i was about to cum. The smell and taste was incredible, she moaned and then let out a cry as my tongue flicked her clit.