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Wife humiliates husband stories

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Wife humiliates husband stories

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Tracy Ash Chapter One They laughed at me. They mocked me. And I loved every word. My wife had invited a few of her girlfriends to our house to watch the husband she married become the sissy she lived wlfe. It was an evening of verbal abuse that ended with physical abuse.

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Take them off. They would open doors for me, carry large packages, pull out my chair when I sat down and so on. She slapped me and knocked me to the ground.

I was even more terrified at the realization that my cock was sticking straight up under the mini. His hand came down on my exposed rear like a hammer! I guess she'd had wifee of my moping. Also, we want to suck on your lovely titties. I needed my job to prove that I was the man.

My husband humiliated

Boy was I Single Singapore guys. I decided to hurry to the living room. One night, as Richard and Stephanie sat on the couch making out, I accidentally dropped some pink nail polish on his sock - it's an honest mistake when you hymiliates one inch oval nails. It was more a matter of her getting angry and me doing what she ordered.

These duties always reminded me who was the boss. There are two in the hall closet. It took Mistress a week before she explained to me that the horny young boy I was to obey in all things was her sister's son. While walking back, I could see that Mike had Sarah spreading her legs so that he could see her pussy under the table. I think tomorrow Paula should have to practice three times instead of twice. Thank Wifw he was there.

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So were his lips. Do you understand me sissy?! All day every day I performed humiliating tasks for her benefit. That seemed to help me enjoy myself.

I wasn't too sure how to explain my fingernails either. Her words cut into me like a rusty dagger. And she was right. I'm not gay or anything, but it really was an impressive dick. I felt repulsed.

Untitled chapter

Suddenly I felt two strong arms wrap around me and lift me up in the air. The sandals were probably easier to explain, except for the pink color. She was going to keep me working all through the evening correcting all my "mistakes. My slippers disappeared during the night. There was no wiff out of it for me. There husbanc lots of things that need to be done around here and I don't have the time to do them, with my job and all.

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While Stephanie spoke on the phone I snuck the box back to the closet and set it on the top shelf in the back. Richard and I were drinking buddies from way back. I swear that I closed the bleach tightly like I always do, but when I reached for it, the cap popped off and ruined the pink shorts I wore. The big clunky shoes at the end of my soft, curvy shaved legs, the long platinum blond hair Stephanie had made me put a slight lifting curl into the hair so it puffed out at the bottomand the long fingernails all combined to make me look like more female than male.

My eyes began to object, but Stephanie cut me off. Whenever we argued, she always found lots wrong with my work.

Every single click echoed off the hardwood floors. Then he quizzed me about movies and TV and the such. For weeks she fired off these encouragements at me in rapid succession.

For example, "doing laundry" soon meant more than just separating colors from whites and ramming them into the washer. I didn't have the time to make it up to her before Rick showed up. My time for bed.

Finally she stood me up and I could see that she towered over me. Finally, Richard let me go.

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I guess she knew my complaint was coming so she kept me too busy to bring it up. Further suffice it to say that despite myself, I had a raging hard on the wkfe time - not for him, but for the humiliation I felt as Stephanie watched him terrorize shories. By "her closet" I also mean her bedroom. Suffice it to say that he noticed right away and that he laughed and made fun of me. From the conversation, I gathered that he'd been working Fuck buddy Cockermouth with Stephanie.

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This led to things I still can't bring myself to talk about. Sarah then got out of his car.

The higher the better. Then it slid between my legs. She stood in front of her closet, holding up a very small sexy babydoll nightie.

Humiliated husband by bitch wife

I can still taste the salty taste of the boys' semen in my mouth. I saw a light go on in her eyes. Somehow my wife is now ificantly stronger than I am.