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Wifes first time swinging

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Wifes first time swinging

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We would use toys and act out scenarios and we both got really worked up. This probably went on for years and we never did anything about it until the middle of Now that the kids are grown and more independent, Mom and Dad had more time for themselves. We tried to meet like-minded people in a public setting.

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Husband and wife's first time swinging

It was juicy and sweet and I sucked her out and licked her clean. We got in the main room and tossed a bunch of throw cushions on the floor and next thing I know, this guys eating my wife's pussy. We Horny women in Crosbyton, TX fucking everything that moved and my wife couldn't get enough sex. We of course spent the first day in the clothed beach but I envied the people on the other and finally, after several drinks, talked her into going at least topless on the nude side!

She also swunging my wife and me while I fucked her from behind. That's when two of the guys got on the floor and I watched as one of them ass fucked the other!

I couldn't believe it and she was actually playing footsie with him. The next thing I heard was both of them moaning.

One was fucking her mouth, one in her pussy and the rest were stroking their cocks all around here, taking turns fucking her pussy and mouth! She just smiled and kissed me. She was moaning and groaning as were we all and everybody fucked everybody that night! The sensation was different but I found myself enjoying the hell out of it. Our sex is TO FULFILL YOU DREAMS much missionary style and every now and then, she'll give me a blow job never swallows or she will let me eat her sweet pussy.

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She asked how I liked seeing her gang wiifes and I told her it turned me on a lot! That was very exciting… sort of like a live porno only a few feet away. The guys all finished up and left her laying on the bed, spent, sweaty and cum soaked! We both Looking for somebody simple that little pit in our stomaches around every corner… We talked to them for a while longer and then agreed we would just be with our own partners in front of each other.

First time swinging with another couple: “let’s go, they just want to talk.”

Long story short, we finally met a couple on LoveVoodoo that we were both interested in. My wjfes had probably taken at least three lo in her pussy and a couple in her mouth and when the others all left, we got into bed and she told me that she had lots of fun and she wanted to do that again! The kind with big parties — DJ, dancing and drinks where people also had rooms if they were staying overnight.

We changed positions multiple times and I had two women sucking me. It was my first ever taste of cum and I knew it was from 6 different guys too. My wife seems really interested in watching them so I sat on the side with my cock sticking out, thinking my wife would come over to me but instead, swigning of the other wives popped me into her mouth.

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While watching, my wife got out of the bed and told me that maybe I should be the one bent over on the floor! I almost came again! We found that people were already in their own little clique in both situations. Then she said something I'll never forget.

This went on for a while, the girls sucking different guys and changing up with each other. Last year, we decided to go to a resort in the Bahama's that features two beaches. The more hot details, the better!

If you have any similar stories of your first time, please share them in the comments! His cum was everywhere and I gagged at first but after becoming use to the taste and texture, I swallowed it down and then the other guy stuck his in my mouth and he came as well! We came all over their faces and then virst turned and kissed each other with cum dripping everywhere.

When one got off and got up, another guy jumped in to bust some ass and he came even more than the first guy. We proceeded to fuck like crazy straight through the night and for swinigng weeks afterward, reliving that event! A tongue on your balls while pounding your wife is something I highly recommend!

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I laid back and this blonde girl sat on my cock and was fucking the hell outta me. I should tell you my wife really gets off on sucking cock and absolutely loves it. LOL My wife was laying there with her legs apart and asked me to come over to her.

There were 4 couples plus us at dinner and the talk was pretty much about the resort and Medfield city fuck hookups chat about each others lives, etc. When we were done, we got dressed and basically ran down the hall to our room not really believing what just happened. We had a hot tub on the deck sainging looking the beach tome I invited everyone to jump in with us.

The feeling was strange but pleasant and as I licked and suckled the head, my tongue was exploring his shaft and even his pee hole. I told her to lay on the floor on her tummy and I entered her from behind so I could see what my wife was doing. I went up to them and started licking firet their balls, etc.

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After licking one of the guys shaved nut sack, I decided to go ahead and suck my first cock! I had always fantasized about the two of us fucking others but never had I thought I would see her flirting like this. The guy were all tme with their cocks, waiting firs their chance to enter any hole available by this time! I never knew that my wife was a closet slut and I'll bet she never knew I like sucking cock as much as pussy!

So when we were with the other couple, my wife was on her knees and I was fucking her doggy style. My wife said that was a great idea fkrst mentioned that everyone had already seen her tits so why not naked and she pulled her top off, then her bottoms and was standing there butt naked.

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Every now and then, she would glance over at me and smile and seeing her with cum on her lips and pouring from her pussy made me exicted as hell and ready to fuck! We always love reading what other fantasy situations other naughty couples find themselves in! We would use toys and act out scenarios and we both got really worked up.

I just stood their watching her swingjng several lo bareback and she had so much cum pumped in that it was spilling out and running down her legs.